Everybody can review contracts

Relevant Legal Training SingaporeBut only the ones who have undergone training will understand and be able to negotiate them.

All businesses need legal advice and assistance to review documents, prepare contracts, negotiate deals and draft documents. But not all businesses can afford to engage law firms or employ full-time legal counsels.

We specialize in relevant legal training for your employees and turning them into contracts advisory “rockstars”. We then back them up through our Support Help-Desk services.

Our training courses are unique because they are not dispensed as boring university lecture-type presentations on text book materials. Each course is tailored to ensure relevant legal training for your business needs and taught by a senior legal professional who have had many years of practice experience.

The best part of it is that each course comes with:

a. a professionally drafted contract template for their business use;

b. a 1.5 hour training session on how to adapt and use that template in his/her business situation; and

c. post-training Support Help Desk back-up.