Training tailored to your needs

We tailor training to the needs of businesses so that the topics are relevant to their businesses.

We also train employees to review, prepare and utilize business contracts. Many of these trainings are covered by different government grants and can essentially be conducted for free! Some of the more popular “contract template” courses are on the following types of contracts:

Joint Venture

Examples include:

Check-List of Issues for JV Agreements Joint Venture Agreement
Shareholders’ Agreement JV Agreement for Design & Development
Consortium Agreement Research & Development Agreement
Agreement to Invest Shareholding Funding Agreement
Put and Call Option Agreement

Information Technologytraining

Examples include:

  • Hardware Supply Agreement,
  • Hardware Purchase Agreement
  • IT Consultancy Agreement,
  • IT Systems Procurement Agreement,
  • Turnkey Agreement for Supply of Customized Computer System,
  • Managed Services Agreement,
  • Software Development Agreement,
  • Software License Agreement,
  • System Development Agreement,
  • System Support Agreement,
  • Maintenance Service Agreement.

Computer and Internet Contracts

Examples include:

  • Data License Contracts,
  • Data Purchase Contracts,
  • Website Development Contract,
  • “Web-wrap” Software Licence,
  • Internet Content License Agreement,
  • E-commerse Platform License and Reseller Agreement,
  • Online Software Distribution Agreement,
  • Web/Apps Terms of Usage,
  • Web/Apps Privacy Agreement

Intellectual Property

Examples include:

  • IP Protection Agreement,
  • Software License Agreement,
  • Software Support Agreement,
  • Assignment of Software Agreement,
  • Software Royalty Agreement,
  • Trademark License Agreement,
  • Copyright License Agreement,
  • Data Supply & License Agreement,
  • License of Design Rights,
  • Assignment / Lease-back of IP Rights

Sale, Manufacture & Purchase of Goods

Examples include:

  • Terms & Conditions for Sale of Goods,
  • Distributorship Agreement,
  • Manufacturing Agreement,
  • Sales Agency Agreement,
  • Operating Lease Agreement,
  • Warehousing Services Agreement,

Supply of Services

Examples include:

  • Practical Guidelines for choosing between Agency,
  • Distributorship and Licensing Arrangements; Terms & Conditions for Supply of Services,
  • Agreement to Manufacture & Supply Merchandise,
  • Marketing & Sales Agency Agreement,
  • Consultancy Agreement,
  • Agreement to Commission Original Works

PartnershipLegal Consultant in Singapore

Examples include:

  • Partnership Agreement,
  • Partnership Dissolution Agreement,
  • Adding a New Partner: Deed of Adherence,
  • Deed of Retirement from Partnership

HR Documents

Examples include:

  • Employment Contracts (senior executive and non-executive),
  • Staff Regulations; Employee Handbook,
  • Consultancy Agreement,
  • Secondment Agreement,
  • Share Option Plan,
  • Share Incentive Plan,
  • Severance Agreement

Mergers & Acquisition

Examples include:

  • Asset Purchase Agreement,
  • Option to Purchase Shares,
  • Share Purchase Agreement,
  • Share Mortgage Agreement,
  • Investigating Target Company and Due Diligence Checklists,
  • Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement,
  • Call Option Agreement

Property & Leases

Examples include :

  • Agreement for Management of Property,
  • Commercial Lease Agreement,
  • Lease of Industrial Unit,
  • Lease of Building


Examples include:

  • Outsourcing Agreement,
  • Key Considerations for Outsourcing Arrangements,
  • Service Levels Agreement,
  • Exit Strategies,


Examples include:

  • Franchise Agreements,
  • Guarantees & Indemnities,
  • Media and Entertainment Agreements,
  • Merchandising and Sponsorship Agreements,
  • Sports Agreements