Managing risk and mitigation issues, reviewing documents and contracts from third parties and advising management/Board of Directors on scope, risks, liabilities and other “red-flag” issues arising from existing or new business ventures.
Representing them in or assisting behind-the-scenes with commercial discussions, contract correspondence or contract negotiations from start of tender until contract signing.

Providing assistance to clients in the preparatiocommercial venturesn of business legal documents, correspondence and contracts drafting and management which may be required in the course of various commercial ventures including the following:

•   IT hardware supply contracts, systems procurement agreements, software development agreements, system development agreements
•    Research and development contracts, contracts for the provision of IT, design, marketing, sales and other services
•    Contracts protecting, assigning or otherwise dealing with Intellectual Property
•    Joint venture, partnership and other investment or co-operation agreements
•    Financing, Loan and Security agreements
•    Distributorship, sales, marketing or agency contracts
•    Franchise agreements
•    Asset purchase agreements, share purchase agreements, assignment agreements, novation agreements
•    Agreements to design, manufacture and/or supply goods or merchandise, contracts for the international or local sale and purchase of goods and services
•    Outsourcing contracts
•    Employment contracts, Employee Share Option schemes, Commission and Benefits contracts, internal office/employee manual or handbook
•    Intellectual Property licenses or agreements, software licensing or transactional agreements; confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements
•    Dispute resolution agreements; agreements to withdraw or settle claims and disputes
•    Other supply, service, sales, distributorship, partnership, engagement, joint venture or other corporate contracts.