Gluu Launches Personal Data Protection Act Quick-start Programme

May 16, 2014

“PDPA Quick-start Programme” for Organisations to comply with Singapore Personal Data Protection Act

 The Singapore Personal Data Protection Act applies to all personal data including customer data, employee data and data belonging to and handled by other third parties (e.g. service providers, contractors). It will or has come into effect on 2 July 2014.Singapore Personal Data Protection Act

The Act makes it compulsory for all organisations to develop and implement policies, train its staff about their policies and whenever requested (whether by government agencies or otherwise), to produce copies of the policies and practices for inspection.

It also makes it compulsory for all organisations to designate a staff to be responsible for ensuring that the organisation complies with this Act and to make available to the public the business contact information of this person. Find out more about the necessary steps for PDPA compliance.

With the coming into force of the PDPA, organisations will have to review all its employee contracts, business contracts, sales terms, website access terms …etc to ensure that there are provisions which protect them against liability under the PDPA. Internal systems will also have to be implemented to ensure compliance.

Gluu’s “PDPA Quick-start Programme” is designed to help organisations to do all that and comply with the PDPA quickly and painlessly. Organisations which have no time or inhouse resources to understand and draft PDPA policies would be particularly interested in this Programme.

The Programme comprises of a 3 hour workshop comprising the following:

Course Materials

A. Softcopy of comprehensive “PDPA Company Policy” for adoption by the organisation (required under Section 12 PDPA).

B. Soft copies of the following templates for adoption by the organisation (necessary under the PDPA):

  • Website access and privacy terms
  • Template notification letter to Customers
  • Customer Consent Form (for use by customers)
  • Addendum to Employment contracts
  • Data Access Request Form
  • Data Correction Request Form
  • Complaints & Queries Form
  • Withdrawal of Consent Form
  • Contractor/service provider/supplier PDPA-compliant contract engagement templates



3 hour workshop session with the clients’ team to go through the PDPA requirements, train them on the requirements and provision of the PDPA policy and templates, understand their data collection process and assist in modifying the materials according to their business requirements.

Please call Tel: 3151 7607 or email us at to find out more or to obtain an email quotation. 

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