The range of contract services we have experience in providing is very wide and includes the following:

• IT hardware supply contracts, systems procurement agreements, software development agreements, system integration agreements
• Standard service terms, sale and purchase agreements (international and local), terms of purchase and invoicing
• Computer, internet and media contracts
• Research and development contracts, contracts for the provision of IT, design, marketing, sales and other services
• Contracts protecting, assigning or otherwise dealing with Intellectual Property
• Joint venture, partnership and other investment or co-operation agreements
• Financing, Loan and Security agreements
• Distributorship, sales, marketing or agency contracts
• Franchise agreements
• Asset purchase agreements, share purchase agreements, assignment agreements, novation agreements
• Agreements to design, manufacture and/or supply goods or merchandise, contracts for the international or local sale and purchase of goods and services
• Outsourcing contracts
• Employment contracts, Employee Share Option schemes, Commission and Benefits contracts, internal office/employee manual or handbook
• Intellectual Property licenses or agreements, software licensing or transactional agreements; confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements
• Company resolutions (directors and shareholders)
• Dispute resolution agreements; agreements to withdraw or settle claims and disputes
• Other supply, service, sales, distributorship, partnership, engagement, joint venture or other corporate contracts

Please go to our What Training sub-page for more details on some of the contract templates that we can provide corporations with.