Contracts Management

The transaction does not usually end with the signing of the contract. In fact, at the heart of every business lies the efficient management of its contracts. This is because good contract management maximizes revenue and bad contract management generates disputes, problems and complaints which in turn lead to unnecessary costs and drain on resources.

As and when needed, we can provide experienced personnel who help corporations manage the entire contract life-cycle from negotiations and signing to project or transaction closure. We support corporations on important contract administration decisions and ensure that all systems are in place, contractual mechanisms are implemented and complied with, rights are preserved and liabilities avoided or minimized.

We also help clients to:

• Review third party contracts and report on the ambit, risks and implications of key provisions or any “red-flag” issues
• Write particularly important or key project correspondence or legal documents
• Prepare “paper trails” to achieve certain commercial objectives for rights enhancement or preservation

And if you need some hand-holding contract services, we offer the world’s best Support Helpdesk to support your organization.