Contract Drafting

All corporations rely heavily on contracts in their businesses. And all corporations require good templates which they can repeatedly use for their transactions as well as access to personnel who can either modify these templates (as the need arises) or create new ones in the changing business environment.

We provide contract drafting services which meet these requirements and we do so in several ways.

We can supply a suite of ready-drafted standard templates to corporations which may then utilize their own inhouse resources to tailor them to suit their needs. It is not exactly “plug-and-play” but it is – for many businesses – nearly there. This service is particularly popular with “start-ups”.

Or we can go an extra mile and provide assistance to clients to ensure these templates work in the way they want and tailor them according to their business needs. If they have their own contract templates and want them to be updated to ensure compliance with changed business circumstances or to cater to risks and problems they have identified or encountered, we can do that too.

If templates are not what you need, we provide businesses with check-lists on what to look out for when reviewing contracts and train their staff to become “contract rock-stars”, especially in cases of arbitration and dispute resolution.

And finally, all our contract drafting services come with the option of “after-sales” support through our Support Help Desk.
Please go to our Types of Contracts sub-page and our What Training subpage for an indication of the range of contracts which we have experience in crafting for our clients.