Our Goal

Our goal is to help businesses reduce costs and maximize performance. We provide inhouse contracts advisory teams minus the tears and absent the fears.

How it works is that businesses outsource their legal processes to us and we perform these functions “off-site” in a cost efficient manner and/or train their staff to perform them. Our clients enjoy all the functions of an experienced and dedicated inhouse support team but without the inflexibility of fixed overheads, costs and HR considerations that usually come with a permanent hire.

And after we are done, we happily leave the scene and support our clients in the background through our world famous Support Helpdesk. Our services are available on a “turn-on; turn-off” basis and in a variety of ways to suit your convenience: on-site, off-site, secondment, retainer, project or piecemeal basis.

Our Approach

We keep ourselves small but our clients’ interests big. We are flexible, nimble and more of all, humble.

We are different because we believe that there is demand for people who are different. Clients have described our consultants as passionate, driven, diligent and creative. They particularly like it that we deliver high-quality big name services with small firm humility, efficiency and costs. Gluu is probably the biggest small firm in Asia – combining the friendliness of a small business with the quality of a large group.

And when you finally appoint us to manage your legal processes, you are actually appointing us. Not a mysterious person whom you only see in meetings or a glossy brochure. No small print. No unanswered phone-calls. No complicated bills.

We know you will like us because our philosophy is just like yours. To deliver high-value and focused expertise to all our clients and in a way that suits them and their needs. Without breaking the bank.

Why Us

Because good help is hard to find and we ARE good help. Because we are small, good in what we do and work harder than others.

Gluu was founded to meet a simple promise. To provide high quality and responsive services in a way that meets your specific needs. (We know you’ve heard this before but we will say it anyway because we mean it).

When a business contract issue appears in the horizon, some call the lawyers. Others ask the guy by the water-cooler to draft a 3 page document and hope for the best. Some just ignore it and hope it will go away. A significant number call us.

Clients call us because: • due to their structure or size, full-time in-house advisory personnel is either not called for or budgeted; • there is an anticipated short term or temporary demand for experienced personnel (for example, to tide through a particularly busy period or challenging project development); • it is not known if a particular project or projects will continue beyond a certain period and they wish to keep its manpower overheads flexible; or • they just want the comfort of someone drafting, negotiating and vetting their legal business contracts and ensuring all bases are covered.

We are what we are because we provide a service that meets a need in the industry. We are able to analyse a project, propose terms to ring-fence your commercial interests and then help you draft, negotiate and close the deal in the way you want. We are nimble and fast and promise to be at your corner when you need us. Even if it means meeting you on a weekend and in a small office next an industrial wasteland. And to maintain the quality of our services, we have kept ourselves small. We may therefore be unable to accept all assignments. But those we accept, we give them our special attention.